Training : : Surrey Legs of Steel Route + 5 Box Hill

Surrey Legs of Steel

A super misty and mizzly ride this Saturday; very limited visibility in the higher sections especially Leith Hill and surrounding area. 103 miles covered in total but and harder for the wet conditions.

The Continental Grand Prix 4 season finally gave way to a puncture on the rear from a big piece of flint.  First puncture in 1500 miles.  Fantastic performing tyre all round.

Elite bottle cage snapped which was disappointing sheared through at the base.

Coffee, cake, bike cleaning and de-gritting.

Training : : Legs of Steel

Surrey Legs of Steel route

A gem of a winters day. Heavy fog lifting to blue skies and not a spec of rain. A lot of flooding about from yesterday’s persistent downpour. A very gritty bike on return. 80miles covered and rewarded with a coffee and a thick slice of carrot cake.