Nutrition : : Laura Tilt, dietitian and health writer

I talk to Laura Tilt, Dietitian & health writer, about nutrition and cycling.

Laura Tilt

Could you tell us a little about yourself and how you became an expert in nutrition?

Of course – and thank you for the invite to chat to you. I’m a registered dietitian and health writer with specialist interests in sports nutrition, weight management and digestive health. I do a mixture of work from advising patients and clients on a 121 basis to writing for magazines.

I started studying nutrition around 10 years ago after my home economics teacher sparked my interest in the subject! I had always been interested in food and cooking, so it was a natural progression. After my bachelors degree in nutrition I moved to London and studied a masters in public heath nutrition, and I spent some years working as a health editor and nutritionist for the health coach fitbug (

I later decided I wanted to work on a more 1-2-1 basis with individuals so I returned to study dietetics, becoming a registered dietitian in early 2012. Like many fields of interest – you never stop learning about nutrition; it’s an ever-evolving science.

How does that expertise extend to sport and cycling?

I became more interested in sports nutrition a few years ago, and started writing for cycling weekly shortly after. I’m currently studying for the International Olympic Committee diploma in sports nutrition with a view to working more in this area.

I think it’s fascinating how much diet and nutrition can affect sports performance…



Review : : Foam Roller

Foam Roller by TriggerPoint

TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller 

An aching muscle in my thigh (ok a bit higher… more like butt cheek) reminded me this week just how much I have come to rely on the Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller. This is probably my most used piece of kit other than the bike and helmet.

This is foam roller is used to massage the muscles.  The lumps and bumps of the grid pattern work into the muscle which I am told promotes the flow of blood and oxygen for recovery.   It does hurt!  Like hell! Especially if you haven’t used it for a while.

I use it mostly after exercise while the muscles are still warm.

It comes with me on most excursions away.  Its easy enough to travel with if you place your clothes and socks inside it.  It measures 33cm long by 12.5cm.

Here is a link to the TriggerPoint videos showing how it can be used in different positions.

Awarded | Kit Bag | for CycleTo MIPIM

Purchased from TriggerPoint