Training : : Pyscle London

I spend a lot of time on the bike in very static positions so a friend recommended I try an ‘all-body’ spin class to loosen things up.

I’ve put this off for a while now as I’ve never been a great fan of the spin class. However I was given a nudge to try out Psycle, so I took up their introductory offer and headed down there.

The reception has a clean modern decor with space to hang out behind large glass windows facing onto the street.  The greeting was professional and friendly. Shoes, towels and lockers are all provided so its nice and easy getting started.

The bike set up was clearly explained by the instructor, AJ, prior to the start of the class. It was a prompt start with lights dimming and music pumping. The all body workout came as somewhat of a shock to the system; it’s a 5 out of 5 for work your arse off! I certainly disappointed AJ with my complete lack of double time! AJ’s popping and bursts of energy brought a very positive vibe to the class with his dance background shining through. Lots of arm work which whilst easy enough I found difficult to coordinate with maintaining a good leg speed.

Music was loud with some current tracks. Any class that manages to integrate Money For Nothing by Dire Straits needs recognition (still working out whether good or bad). Lighting was sequenced and variable throughout the session.

I would like to see a leader board display showing stats which would provide great feedback and could take this studio much further.

If you need to loosen things up or release that upper body from the static winter turbo it’s worth a visit.


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